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Kannonshoji Temple Sumidadan

He received a request from Buddhist sculptor Tomita to create a Shumidan, a platform on which to enshrine the statue, as a new secret Buddha statue was to be created at Kannonshoji Temple in Saigoku Sanjuninbansho. The size is 10 meters long and 1.6 meters high with 9 tiers. Mr. I, the owner of the famous sushi restaurant K in Ginza, decided to donate it, so I made it using the highest quality materials. Kannonshoji Temple is located at the top of a mountain and is on a mountain road, so driving skills were required to transport the completed parts without damaging them. The balustrade, bracken hands, jewel pillars, and figurative treasures are must-sees.


Shumidan new construction


Shiga Higashiomi


Sagara construction office


August 2015

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